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“I almost died.”

Catherine SchwartzbaumI am passionate about helping people thrive. I believe that everyone deserves a life of vitality and have the power to create it for themselves. I should know. I have been in the field of medicine almost all my life. But I almost died. What? Yes, two weeks after my wedding, at the age of 36, I went into a hospital because I couldn’t breathe. And my new husband was told that I had a 50-50 chance of making it home. How did this happen, you wonder?

Over 20 years ago, working as an HIV/AIDS Infusion Nurse, the Infusion Director of a large institutional pharmacy and a Nurse Educator, I worked long hours, often on-call during the nights and weekends. I was tired and got bronchitis frequently. My muscles were always tender & sore. I was constantly bloated & had trouble shaking the brain fog until about 10am. But that’s not where the problems started. I can remember having horrible constipation as a small child. Starting in high school, I was always catching colds at the beginning of every Christmas vacation & Summer break. By the time I completed college & nursing program, I got sinus infections several times a year. I can remember thinking “who gets asthma in their 20s!?” All I wanted was to have energy, feel light and stop the repeating cycle of Sudafed & antibiotics.

“Your labs are fine. Can I write you a script for Prozac?”

Once I discharged myself out of the hospital so I wouldn’t catch something else, I was told I had an autoimmune condition. Soon after, I was given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was put on very high doses of steroid to helping me breathe. After examining me, a doc said that my labs were fine & offered to write me a prescription for Prozac for my symptoms “in case I was depressed” and sent me on my way. But I was still miserable, sick & hurting. Desperate for real answers, I sought after and found solutions for my condition in two short years.

“It’s easy to walk on water… if you know where the rocks are.”

Catherine SchwartzbaumNow you understand why I believe that everyone deserves a life of vitality and have the power to create it for themselves. With the right understanding about what lies beneath the surface of symptoms, personalized plans & guidance, you, too, can achieve lasting health. That’s why I founded Whole Family Wellness Center with one goal in mind–to empower my clients to find & address the root causes of their symptoms. If you would like someone who can listen to your whole story, let’s work together to make sense of your symptoms and get you the vibrant health & energy you want. You deserve nothing less.